The Mother of Prosperity

[PT] A Homaya, para além de ser uma amiga de coração, é para nós uma referência em evolução espiritual. A Homaya faz um trabalho incrível no que diz respeito à expansão dos nossos horizontes, trazendo uma perspectiva muito inovadora e ao mesmo tempo sólida a todos os seus ensinamentos.

É para nós uma honra podermos partilhar as suas sábias palavras.

[EN] Homaya, besides being a friend at heart, is for us a reference in spiritual evolution. Homaya does an incredible service of expanding our horizons, expanding the perception of being, bringing a very innovative and at the same time solid perspective to all its teachings.

It is a honor for us to share her words.


You were born half;

Half made,

Half baked,

Half whole.

You were born as partial piece;

Of your old family

And your new family.

You were born halved;

One gender

Eternally compelled

To unite

With its completing contradiction.

You were born,

Intentionally Incomplete,



An individual in the cosmic field of creation,

A part in the infinite web of life,

Made of countless incarnations

Of your own





We were all born like that

Multiplying our own vastness and beauty

Embracing our immensity,

Giving birth, again and again to love

By completely merging with that which seems opposing,

That which settled at the furthest spot of our own life rainbow.

It is love that gives birth to prosperity;

In the journey you take to meet your beloved,

And the Journey of living, day after day,

The Journey itself is where prosperity awaits.

Before taking your vow of prosperity

Take the vow to live FULLY.

To love FULLY.

To nonjudgmentally accept all that there is

Dancing to the sound of the infinite number of melodies made of 7 notes

With the uncountable number of stars

That surround you.


Constantly gives birth to


Homaya is a master healer and master teacher,

Leading international seminars and initiations for more than 15 years.

Effortlessly she creates and maintains a powerful sanctuary

filled with sacred luminous codes, and high vibrational healing energies.

In her presence, your soul's voice sounds loud and clear, unable to ignore,

your life force is ignited for you to rejoice in life, miraculous healing naturally emerges,

and your consciousness evolution accelerates.

She contributed to highly aligned transmutation in thousands of people’s lives

while inspiring profound authenticity and unification with the light and grace within.

You can find her at


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