Prosperity Vows: An Affirmative Practice

[PT] A LaShaun é uma mulher absolutamente fascinante, uma alma cheia. Ensina-nos a usar a ciência para conseguir aquilo que o nosso coração mais deseja. Arquitecta de potencial, consegue através das suas palavras e da sua sabedoria despertar locais absolutamente mágicos e surpreendentes em nós.

É uma honra para nós podermos contar com as suas sábias, e tão doces, palavras.

[EN] LaShaun is an absolutely fascinating woman, a full soul. Teach us to use science to achieve what our heart desires most. Architect of potential, she is able, through her words and wisdom, to awaken absolutely magical and surprising places in us. It is an honor for us to be able to count on your wise, and sweet, words.

Nothing shakes up your mental peace more than a scarcity mindset.

Perceptions of not-enoughness, separation from Spirit, lack and limitation are contraindicative to maintaining an abundance mentality.

Life has probably thrown you a curveball or two along the way. You've likely had hard times when you felt unsettled by past events or things to come, where you’ve felt a sense of lack. You’ve probably felt broken in spirit, mind and money. But that feeling isn’t Truth with a capital, ’T’.

The Truth is, there is continuous productivity and effortless multiplication. There’s continual growth and unlimited resources. By the grace of Source, it is already yours! But, if you've aligned with scarcity; you’ve essentially closed yourself off from your abundance and consequently, short-circuited your prosperity.

Today you’re going to create five (5) affirmative vows of prosperity. Affirmations are an internal dialogue between your conscious mind and your

subconscious mind.

Here are some favorites that we came up with as a team:

1. It’s a comforting idea that all the abundance of the universe already exists within me.

2. I am willing to let go of all resistance to receive prosperity.

3. I am grateful that I live in a friendly universe that is providing for my needs.

4. I love it when I see evidence of an abundant universe especially when I observe nature.

5. I love how it feels knowing there is plenty for everyone, including ME.

6. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

7. I am so happy that my ideal vision of myself includes thriving relationships, a stable lifestyle and a flourishing business.

8. I am becoming a wise and masterful steward over all my resources.

9. I’m excited at the thought of all the opportunities for growth and expansion that are coming my way.

10. More and more I choose to accept that I am in the Divine pathway for multiple blessings.

11. I am so happy that I am open to receive everything that I need to stabilize my life.

12. I understand and accept that there is an infinite flow of Divine good, Divine love, Divine peace, Divine joy and Divine abundance.

13. I choose an abundance of all that is good for my body, soul and spirit.

14. Every day I am becoming more and more open to receiving the great abundance of Divine provision.

15. I love the idea of being assisted by Source; the power and the origin of all things good.

Adopt one (or two or three) or make up your own.


When you create an affirmation that contradicts your subconscious beliefs, neural dissonance occurs in your brain. Which means your mind will reject those ideas and they won’t work.


Stand in your T-R-U-T-H! You may not believe that "Money is flowing to me in every way, every day,” and your brain is not going to let you get away with competing beliefs and self-deception. But, "I love the idea of money flowing to me in every way, every day,” may feel more true for you. See the difference? More importantly, check in with your body…feel the difference? Affirm your truth.

Michael Losier offers these affirmation starters:

I love the thought/idea of...

I'm in the process of....

I am so happy that my ideal XXXX is...

I love how it feels knowing...

I’m excited at the thought of...

I understand and accept that...

I love knowing that my ideal...

I love how it feels when...

I’ve decided...

More and more...

It excites me...

I love seeing myself…

Once you have finished your affirmations, make an audio or videorecording for you to listen to right before you go to bed and as you are awakening.

To transform your mindset into one which magnetizes what you want, it’s necessary to incorporate your desired thoughts into your subconscious. Your mind is like an iceberg, that is, the conscious part of your brain is the top 10% and the hidden 90% is your subconscious.

It’s also your subconscious that controls 90% of your actions and virtually all of your ideas and attitudes which affect everything else in your life. In essence, it controls you.

By listening, scribing or repeating your affirmations prosperity vows in a sleepy state, it will allow you to access your subconscious.

The intent is to realize the abundance that surrounds you and is within in you allowing you to realize worry, fear and scarcity; connecting you to greater awareness and embodiment of prosperity.

LaShaun Middlebrooks Collier is a ‘word nerd’ whose guiding principle is eudaimonia—human flourishing. She’s lit up by intimate conversations, neuroscience, sipping whole leaf teas, and has been known to spontaneously break into song and dance, in public places.

Dropping truth like a 21st Century Yoda (in stilettos!), LaShaun’s in the business of engineering consciousness. She’ll guide you through the science and soul of living whole and well—because being well-adjusted to a half-lived life doesn’t satisfy your soul’s requirement to actualize. Her background as the Former Director of the Wellness Resource Center at the University of South Florida (USF), a research assistant at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Director of Multimedia Technologies at Morehouse College, and the owner of a multiple six-figure business, makes her a quadruple threat in well-being, research, technology and entrepreneurship.

Basically, LaShaun teaches you how to use science to get what your soul desires.

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